Thursday, 23 February 2017

February Foodie Favourites!

So I love favourites posts. Not only are they good to see each month what my favourite bloggers have been loving but I really enjoy the kind of round up posts at the end of the year to see if people are still loving things a year on! So I have decided that each month I will do a food favourite here and over on Shoestring Chic will be my Fashion and beauty favourites! Sound good?

I am not sure what kind of format these will take so I thought I would just run with it!!

Best Breakfast or Brunch

It has to be the fabulous French toast I had at Mrs Bridges Tea Rooms! Buttery and delicious with perfect crispy bacon it was a taste sensation and I'm already planning when I can go back again!

Best Lunch

This one was an easy decision! This Halloumi and Courgetti wrap from boots was a limited edition and the past week I haven't been able to get my hands on it so it's either already been discontinued or people just love it as much as I do!

Best Dinner

Ok I'm technically cheating with this one as I actually had this pizza for lunch but I'm sure you'll agree with me that this huge sourdough pizza could have been a dinner? Glad I finally ticked Peter Pizzeria off the list of local independent restaurants I want to visit!

Best Drink 

This is actually a tie between this and the lemon and mint flavour which I can't find the picture of! But San Pellegrino never fails to make me think of holidays every time I drink it 😍

Best Snack 

I have been all over popcorn this month and I think my favourite has to be the Propercorn sweet and salty (I may have eaten a bag most days this month don't judge!)

Best Dessert

An oldie but a goodie! The Bru Bronkie is a cross bwtween a brownie and a cookie and is  delicious! Fabulous as it comes and even better warmed up with a scoop of gelato 😍

Home made meal 

Ok, it's not strictly a meal but between being ill, lacking inspiration and eating out a lot I haven't cooked many things worth shouting about this month! BUT I did bake banana bread and it was delicious so here it is! The recipe I followed was this Mary Berry one but all my chocolate chips sunk! Anyone who knows how to prevent that your tips would be gratefully received!

So there you have it my food and drink favourites this month! What should I try out next month?

Charlotte Lucy

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