Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Kick Anxieties Arse Songs.

A while ago I realised my anxiety was at its worst when I was on the bus or waiting for the bus. I have mentioned before that my anxiety is very much intertwined with my IBS. I used to sit at my bus stop opposite my house and I would convince myself that I needed to go back to the house for the toilet. I would shake, I would feel sick and would end up running back to the house.

One day, I was on a 45 minute bus journey where I was absolutely certain I wasn't going to make it to a toilet. I was sweating and shaking. I closed my eyes took some deep breaths and started humming to myself. This sounds really strange but by box breathing (in for four, hold for four, out for four, hold for four) and singing through some songs in my head I managed to stop the panic attack and make it to a blissful toilet at my destination (well ok, It was a slightly smelly bus station toilet but the door locked and there was toilet paper so, heaven.)

Anyway! From that day I decided that whenever I was having a panic attack I would put my headphones on and listen to songs I could really get lost in. It doesn't always make me feel better but it seems to stop me getting into a full on panic. It helps aswell that a few of the songs are songs I dance around naked too at home and that makes me feel really confident! So my top songs from the list are:

Confident Demi Lovato

Get Back Up Again Anna Kendrick TROLLS Soundtrack

Happy With Me Holychild ME BEFORE YOU Soundtrack

Satellite Moments Charlie Fink

You Don't Own Me Grace

Perfect Emma Blackery

Born This Way Lady Gaga

Chasing Cars Boyce Avenue Cover

Breathe (2AM) Anna Nalick

Fighter Christina Aguilera  

So there you go, these are the songs that make me feel like I can kick anxietys arse and do anything I want! Do you find any songs that help you? These are a mix between songs that help me calm down and breathe, and others that feel like they are shouting the anxiety out of my head and the mix of the two seems to work wonders for me!

Charlotte Lucy

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