Sunday, 19 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Five.

This week started off really well on Monday and then went downhill rapidly on tuesday. Im always honest with you about my health and on tuesday I lost a fair amount of blood which scared me more than anything I have ever had happen to me before. I straight away got an emergency doctors appointment and blood tests etc. Were still not sure what caused it but the plan is just to keep monitoring.

Anyway so I has to cancel my shifts at work for the rest of the week, I was getting exhausted just walking up and down the stairs! I spent a couple of days laying down watching trash on telly and just drinking water and not much else. Slowly though by looking after my self I can say that while I am not feeling 100% I am slowly getting there! So what has got me through this week you ask?

 1. A Girly Lunch at Peter Pizzeria

When I mentioned that I hadn't been to Peter Pizzeria on twitter Emma insisted that I was missing out and so along with Kirstie we decided to go out for a girly lunch, chat and some charity shopping! Well the pizza was amazing (I went for the Ortolana with sauce which was bloody beautiful, I am eating more veggie meals and less meat). I also picked up some amazing bargains in the charity shops ... including a £2 Joules dress which I will show you in my February buyers archive post!

2. Trashy TV on HayU, mermaid blanket and Graze boxes.

I had managed to accumulate quite a few of my Graze snack boxes and so I bought them to the bedroom with me. I downloaded the free trial of HayU, snuggled under my mermaid blanket and sat watching the real houeswives of the O.C. pretty much all day. Talking of Graze I have also been adding boxes to my porridge and especially the chocolate ones that melt in! If you haven't tried Graze you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free by using my code NW43VH67P.

3. Taking note of my mental health.

If you didnt already know I struggle with depression. Last year I was on 40mg citalopram daily which I stopped suddenly (Don't do it kids, it messed me up). I now take 20mg daily and feel like I am finally on a dose which fits me and my body! When my physical health deteriorates and leaves me pretty much housbound I really have to make sure that my mental health doesnt go down hill. I have been reading this Matt Haig book, making sure I take my medication and also drinking lots of hot chocolate! Ive also just let my mind relax. Not focus on anything too much and just let my body recover and I am proud to say I think this is the first time I have ever not let my mental health slip while my physical health has been bad.

The posts I have loved this week ...

Charlotte Lucy 


  1. All I can think about is that red dress too. That an I have a pinafore dress in my mind that I' want but it doesn't exist ANYWHERE.

    Thanks for including me! Hope you're feeling better soon xx

    Kirsty Leanne

  2. Oh wow Charlotte thank you so much for including a link to my post - and for the lovely compliments!! Have a fabulous rest of weekend :)

    Catherine x

  3. That pizza looks so good, the quote on the napkin is literally me!

  4. Oh bless you charlotte, it's horrible that you've been so poorly but fingers crossed you can get to the bottom of it - keep looking after yourself and hopefully the rest will improve in time 💕 Xxx

  5. That sounds like a scary start to the week for you. Glad you made time for yourself and did some nice things - it's important to look after yourself!

  6. Hope you're doing Ok now lovely. Looking forward to seeing your Joules dress; have to admit I'm totally envious about the stuff you find in charity shops. I never seem to come across decent stuff around here.


  7. Aww! I hope your feeling better soon! I love binge watching TV shows when I am having a wind down or a chilled day, its so relaxing. The izza looks amazing too, and I'm so excited to see the dress, I love your posts showing your amazing charity shop finds!


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