Sunday, 5 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Three.

This week has been a strange one. 

I feel like I was in a bit of denial to myself even how low my mood has been the past few weeks. Like the proverbial swan, while on the surface I have appeared to be gliding along with no problems underneath my legs (and more importantly brain) have been going 100 miles per hour. However, after recognising this I tried not to do anything too taxing this week. Well apart from going to work and nearly breaking my back BUT thats a whole other story.

Anyway, I feel like this post has turned into a record of what I have eaten this week! Since embracing my body though I feel like i have become a complete foodie again and I am loving it. I am finding which foods suit me with my IBS and which dont which is a complete mindfield. For example I can have milk on its own, but add it to coffee and I am running to the loo! Anyway! On with the things that have kept me sane this week ... just about ... 

1. An impromptu sushi date.

After taking Tom to Yo sushi for the first time in London that boy is almost as obsessed with it as I am and on Monday night despite us having planned to go to the cinema we instead ended up in yo sushi. 14 blue Monday dishes later we staggered home bellies full! I need to get him practised on using chopsticks though.

2. Seeing La La Land for the fourth time

I know, its had mixed reviews but I absolutely love it! Its the perfect mix of bright colours, catchy tunes and is guarenteed to cheer me up! I love the dynamics between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling too.  

3. Brunch and an oatly coffee at Dolce & Verde

There are so many independent coffee shops and restaurants in Leicester and I am making it more of a mission to visit them rather than just sticking to the same places and so I popped into Dolce and Verde and really enjoyed my brunch! The coffee was the stand out though as who knew that oat milk tastes so good in coffee!! Other coffee shops take note! 

4. A Ferraro Rocher from a patient.

I forgot how much I loved these little beauties until after returning to work following the shift from hell a patient asked if I would like one! My back was in agony but as I sat down with this beauty and a good cup of tea everything in the world felt right again!!

5. A body balance and sauna sesh.

I rejoined my local health club because the biggest part of my body positivity journey is that I need to be listening to my body. I really enjoy yoga, Pilates, body balance, dance, swimming and spin and Bannatynes does all of these things! When I went before my whole aim was to lose weight and I'd spend the whole class looking at myself in the mirror, criticising my body, checking how many calories I'd burnt on my fitness watch and comparing myself to everyone else. On this session though I switched off my brain and just listened to the instructor and went into an almost meditative state and really enjoyed it so it will become part of my routine!

6. The BEST French toast 

Finishing a hectic set of nights on Friday morning and with not much money in my pocket (they messed up my pay grr)  I decided that I would spend my pennies on breakfast instead of charity shopping and took myself to Mrs Bridges. This French toast was the most amazing I have ever eaten and I want to eat it everyday if that can be arranged? I sat looking at the specials board while I was eating and I want to try most things on there!! 

And the blogs I have been reading this week?

  • You know by now that I am a sucker for a mustard jumper and I was pointed to Chelsea's blog True Lane this week and fell in love with this outfit.  
  • I also loved this outfit from Sian over at Rebel Angel. So simple and yet so me! I already have mustard coloured tights ... so all i need now is a matching cardigan right? 
  • Susie over at Second Hand Susie shared her recipe for a homemade no poo head scrub and I think I will be giving it a try soon! 
  • I love buyers archive posts and Hazel from World of Joy is one of my favourites! This week she popped up her January archive (and cheeky plug, here is mine
  • My husband has started his own blog this week reviewing craft beers! 
  • Some of the local bloggers went out last weekend (and unfortunately I couldn't make it!) but I enjoyed reading Laura's post about all the independant businesses they visited on the way!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling low but glad you found some many things to make you happy this week! That brunch sounds absolutely amazing. I may need to go and check it out for myself!

  2. Aw you've made me really want French Toast now Charlotte. I'm obsessed with La La Land too, it leaves me feeling so happy every time I see it or listen to the sound track; and although I'm not sure I was on board with the ending I still love the film as a whole. Plus, Ryan know 😍


    1. GET YOURSELF SOME FRENCH TOAST or come to Leicester and we will have some :)

  3. I've never had french toast but it looks amazing. Thanks for the mention :)

  4. GET YOURSELF SOME FRENCH TOAST or come to Leicester and we will have some :)


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