Sunday, 12 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Four

This week feels like it has been so long!

I have spent a lot of it exhausted and in pain. I think thats the direct result of how low my vitamin D levels are really low combined with the fact that I got my period which you know has sucked the life out of me! Despite that there have been some good things this week that have kept me going ...

1. Sleep, Sleep all the sleep!

One of the things that I somethings struggle with is fatigue. It's hard sometimes to know whether it's caused by my fibromyalgia/IBS or my depression but this week I spent most of Monday and a big chunk of Tuesday sleeping.

2. Listening to my musical favourites on repeat.

I have a number of spotify playlists and this week I have been obsessed with my musicals list. I have one thats just all the 100s of songs from all the musicals I enjoy and then a musical favourites which is more curated. The three songs that are now stuck in my head ... Man from The Full Monty, Three Little Words from Ghost and You Should See Yourself from Sweet Charity 

3. Halloumi and Courgetti wrap

I cant describe to you how amazing this tastes or how annoyed I am that its only limited edition. I have eaten these most night shifts in the last could of weeks because yum. I am not a vegetarian but I am really trying to cut down on the amount of meat I am eating.

4. My cat, CSI and a good glass of port

So after I finished my nights this week we ordered an Indian (which I couldnt eat much of as I have a really sore tongue and can only seem to eat really plain food... fun) but anyway I digress. I got a glass of port and my mermaid blanket and snuggled up on the sofa with a few episodes of CSI. My cat Fagan joined me and started purring away and we both fell asleep.

5. Cold crisp mornings 

Im not a fan of the cold weather as a whole but I love finishing a night shift and while waiting for the bus in the cold, knowing that as soon as Im home I get to get into my warm comfy bed, maybe with a hot chocolate and sleep all day!

6. Instagram!

I have really fallen back in love with my instagram (discoveringcharlotte) If you dont already follow and have been spending time editing my pictures and really showing off my food loves!

7. My Embrace screening went live!

You will all know by now how life changing this documentary has been to me and now I am trying to bring it to Loughborough! I need as much help as I can get though as I have 13 more days to sell 61 tickets for it to go ahead! I am working my ass off trying to promote it but would be grateful to anyone who would book or ticket, tell others about it etc

What posts have I loved this week?

I have recently been trying to streamline my bloglovin feed by unfollowing blogs I have falllen out of love with, and also those that when I first started had my interests but just now I am no longer interested in and I really think its helping. I loved so many posts this week that narrowing it down for this post was really difficult! Bloggers all over the place have been killing it!

  • I love reading Un-Fancy and this week especially I have been trying to work out how I feel about my wardrobe and both this post and this post have helped me in my head to re-evaluate how I feel about clothes
  • Emily's little blogging office is perfect and something I hope I can one day have when we finally become home owners! 
  • You know I love a #buyersarchive post and this week Janet uploaded hers and made me jealous of the beautiful tulle skirt she found!
  • Hannah is always speaking out about mental health and this week spoke about how shes going to help her patients with mental health and we need more doctors like her!
  • You know I live with a number of invisible illnesses and Neecolas post about living with them just blew me away as she articulated it perfectly.
  • Sarahs Six tips to sort your spending helped me out as I have been really spending like money is going out of fashion recently and I need to get a hold on it!
  • I always admire Rebeccas way of saying things as they are and her latest post ABORTION IS A HUMAN RIGHT/ TRUMP IS A C**T is no exception!
  • And finally to finish off this mega round up of the blogging world this week I need this outfit that Rachel posted! So chic and yet effortless!
Charlotte Lucy


  1. I also think this week has been so bloody long, and of course the weekend went really quick too!
    I love Halloumi and Courgetti but can't imagine it in a wrap, I may have to go and get one to try
    Glad you had highlights in your week despite feeling a bit ill!

    1. It's weird like you can't really identify the courgette but it's just amazing I figured the more people I can convince to buy it they might carry it on haha

  2. Sounds like you've had a rough week with the pain Charlotte - hope you're taking some time to chill and pamper yourself! Those wraps sound delicious; I love Halloumi cheese and always order the Halloumi and mushroom wrap whenever I go to Nandos. Good luck with the screening of Embrace lovely, wish I could make it!


  3. Its so lovely to see a weekly roundup, I'm sorry you had a tough week! I hope the coming week is much easier for you, I will be sending positive vibes! Sleep and music are two of my favourite things when I'm not feeling so good, so I'm glad they help you too. I love seeing your suggestions of who elses blog posts to read, its a great way to discover new bloggers I may not have come across, and a lovely touch to show your appreciation of their post!

    Hope your feeling better soon xx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. Hopefully you'll feel a bit better soon. Glad you're finding things to cheer you up. Halloumi is my latest craze so I really need to try those wraps! They sound delicious!

    1. Thank you! I am sad that I told everyone about these wraps because now I can't get my hands on it haha


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