Thursday, 30 March 2017

March Foodie Favourites!

In typical cliche blogger prose, HOW is it the end of March already?

Strangely march has gone both slowly and really fast at the same time. I have said recently that my week seems to be split into two parts, work and play, and obviously work goes incredibly slow and play far too fast! In my last Foodie Favourites post I took a more structured approach and chose a favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner etc but I didn't want to stick to the rules this time and thought I would just share what I have been loving! So here goes!

I tried all three flavours this month when I picked them up from boots but I think the apple and ginger is just slightly in first place! I used to drink honey and lemon when I had a sore throat and these drinks remind me of that. They are soothing and refreshing and I am sure I will be drinking them a lot! I am trying to cut down on fizzy drinks.

I'm sure you will be aware by now that I treat myself to breakfast out after a set of night shifts and the ONLY place to go for eggs benedict is KAI in St Martins. With their locally sourced produce the bread is fresh, the bacon crispy and the hollandaise the tastiest I have ever had. I will never have eggs benedict anywhere else after being disappointed by another couple of locals (although I have been recommended somewhere to try in Birmingham so watch this space!)

I bought these on a bit of a whim and if I am honest didn't really expect to like them, they are organic chickpea puffs and I am not the biggest fan of chickpeas. Recipe for disaster right? Well I had to eat my words faster than I could eat a bag of Hippeas! They are high in fibre but didn't upset my IBS and a source of protein. The texture reminded me of wotsits, but sadly there isn't a cheese flavour! I had the sweet and smokin though which I would definitely pick up again and I am looking forward to trying the other flavours!

It is that time of the year when the Easter chocolate is out in full force and I find myself eating far too many creme eggs. This year though I have found myself reaching for the mini eggs more often! I don't know what it is about them but I have just wanted to eat them every day (I haven't though. That much sugar would give me mad headaches)

The Crafty Poet At Crafty Burger

If you ever want a burger in Leicester there is only one place to go - Crafty burger. Thursday, Friday & Saturday St Martins coffee shop becomes crafty burger. With a small but perfectly done menu there is something for everyone (vegetarians and vegans included!) We went for Tom's birthday and I had the crafty poet - a fantastic mix of beef patty, applewood smoked cheddar, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, salted onion crisps, aioli and BBQ sauce! By default it is cooked pink and this makes for a wonderful taste. Another place with locally sourced ingredients, If you haven't tried this I would make a reservation straight away!

So there you have it! A mix of things I have loved this month. What have you been loving and what do you recommend I try in April?

Charlotte Lucy

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  1. I'm intrigued by the Hippeas . . . love the name too!



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