Sunday, 23 April 2017

That Sunday Post: Nine

I have missed writing these posts! The problem with depression is that sometimes you have to just have to retreat from things and rememeber that actually there is more to life than the internet. So i retreated. I went to the #IntuSpringStyle event and bloody loved it! I met some really nice bloggers and it also reaffirmed my love for fashion and helped me start to see again where I want this blog to go! I also started my Beauty Under A Fiver series which seems to have gone down well so far!

What else have I done? I have given blood, I have been for afternoon tea, I have spent a lot of time swimming and in the jacuzzi, I have worked on some different wards, I have eaten and drank a lot of food and spent some time with a lot of my friends!

I have also been spending a lot of time in bed watching netflix (I have been really into Benidorm again recently) and eating chocolate (the dairy milk mint oreo is fabulous). Trying to avoid all the drama going around the blogosphere and just generally thinking about myself!

I'm struggling with my pain control at the moment, I am taking a lot of painkillers and taking things easy BUT I am going on holiday soon and I have a huge list of blog posts I would like to get going, keeping this space to focus on Health, Food and Lifestyle while Shoestring Chic focuses on budget fashion, makeup etc

Charlotte Lucy

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  1. Sometimes you have to step back and just live life instead of documenting it all! This blogging lark can get a bit overwhelming at times. Glad to hear you've been taking care of yourself with chocolate and down-time, and enjoying the pool! I want to start swimming again, or doing some sort of physical exercise! I've been thinking about yoga...



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