Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A postcard from Ibiza ...

Yes, OK I will admit before I start that this is going to be one of those posts that I am going to look back on every time I am sat on the bus hating life. If you didn't know already I spent the last week in Ibiza, and it was without a doubt the best holiday I have ever been on. You can read more about why over on Shoestring Chic this Friday, but for now, here are some of the photos I took of the beautiful Island!

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Bahamas Playa Den Bossa which was just a 10 minute transfer from the airport. Within an hour of landing we had got to the hotel, checked in and had a cocktail! You can't complain!

The Thomson excursions were so over priced (we wanted to go to the Hippie Market in Es Cana, but it was 50 Euros for a coach ...) So instead we took ourselves on the bus for 1,90 off to Eivessa which was beautiful! Lots of little side streets and a beautiful harbour!

We also got up at 6;30am one morning to watch the sunrise on the beach which was literally outside our hotel. I didn't take my camera with me (I did get some cheeky ipod shots) but I really just wanted to be in the moment and it was wonderful.

I wish I had taken more photos of the food because it was absolutely fantastic! On the last night of our holiday we were treated to a 7 course taster menu, included in our all inclusive package, and I have never been so excited by a menu! The mojito sorbet though ... I could have had that everyday!

Oh an we also could see the airport from our balcony so we spent many a night drinking red wine, watching the sunset and the aeroplanes taking off and landing!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. I read this at work today but didn't get time to leave a comment. Glad you had a great time and your photos look amazing. I really want to go on an all inclusive holiday as I've travelled loads but never really just had a chill holiday like this. The food sounds awesome too, mojito sorbet especially!

    Rebecca, xo

  2. I loved Ibiza! I have a photo with those red flowers as a backdrop too! There's deffo more to just the partying side of Ibiza xx


  3. So glad you had a good time babe! Looks beautiful really makes me want to go now might have to book next year i think photos look amazing you look amazing you go girl! Xoxox

  4. Oh my days, I need a holiday! Really lovely to see the beautiful side of Ibiza - and not just the drunken masses.

    I've been myself and it's a gorgeous island - your pics really do it justice! Now I'm off to 😂😂😂

  5. Sounds idyllic! We've been to Ibiza once, but in Portinatx which is the other side of the island from the big clubs and things. It was very peaceful and really really beautiful! Will have to come back one day. Your post has really made me want a holiday! X

  6. Aaah this sounds like an absolutely lush holiday. I can totally understand you wanting to have this post to look back on when you're not feeling your best.
    Your photography is lovely.

    V <3

  7. Oh Charlotte it looks lovely! (And so do you - that dress is fab!)
    When I hear "Ibiza" I think of parties and my time in Magaluf (yes, I went to Magaluf DON'T JUDGE ME OK), but *of course* it's a lovely place, what was I thinking judging before ever going? Glad you had such a wonderful time.



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