Monday, 22 May 2017

We are #NotThe33

In the last general Election, 33% of the UK did not vote.

As a proud feminist I have always believed that as a women its not just my right to vote, but also my duty. So many women in this world do not have that basic right. They are fighting to be treated as an equal.

We don't need to fight.

What we do need to do though is make sure our voice is heard.

I have been vocal about the fact that I am a proud Labour supporter. As someone who works my arse off on nights in some of the busiest NHS wards, such as A&E, I see first hand what this Torie government has done to our fragile NHS. Despite what rent a gob Katie Hopkins may think, not everyone who is paid less than 80k is work shy. Nurses, Junior Doctors, Health Care Assistants, Phlebotomists, Physiotherapists ... all of these people that keep the NHS running day in day out earn far less than 80k.

Just think about it for a moment OK.

Bank Holidays, Nights, Weekends. We are there.

I have literally been there as someone starts there life, and held someones hand while they take there last breath and this is a system that will not be able to carry on the way we are going.

TODAY is your last day to register to vote.

Please don't waste it


  1. THIS!! The misinformation is becoming way to prevalent. We need more stories from real people effected by Tory polotics. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. it's great when bloggers use their platforms to push stuff like this! I think this year there has been such a joint effort encouraging people to vote - hopefully it shows! x


  3. Fabulous post, I feel really strongly about boring as well, especially when millions are still denied democracy. I have the deepest respect for the NHS and its workers. I really dislike it when people think politics doesn't apply to them, when actually it has a daily impact!

  4. I hope people who read this who weren't registered did register but unfortunately it's a tale as old as time, young people are apathetic.

    I seriously think it should be compulsory to vote.

    V <3

  5. I registered. I have always registered. I will always register. So many people have died for me to have this right, and people are still dying for their right to vote nowadays. I agree with Vicky that it should be compulsory! At least to go to the polls and make a mark on your card, anyway. As long as you use your vote (or if you spoil it) that's the important thing.



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