Monday, 26 June 2017

5 reasons why everyone should be listening to Laura Thomas's podcastDon't Salt My Game.

Last week I published a post called Why the Image of the wellness blogger needs to change and I have been overwhelmed by the response! I want to thank you all for the amount of you that have been in touch with me about it because it has really made me smile! I am working on putting together posts about which bloggers, books, instagram, podcasts etc you should be following but I think this podcast deserves a whole blog post on its own. Yes I know I sound like a fangirl but I am currently working my way through the old pod casts and eagerly anticipating each new one.

Its called Don't Salt My Game and here is why I love it ...

1. She actually has qualifications.

You know real, went to university and got them rather than did a 2 hour online course and now calls herself an expert. She has a degree, shes a registered nutritionist, she has a Phd ... she has more qualifications than I have second hand dresses (and we all know thats a lot!) Too often in this day and age bloggers do a short course online and tout themselves as a nutritionist (which legally they are allowed to do because its not a protected term) but this is at its best unhelpful and at its worst dangerous.

2. She has a game called "Shit bloggers say"

Which I sit nodding along to. It breaks down the myths that are all too easily passes around the blogosphere. One of the things that stands out to me is that if a blogger is really trying to sell you something then they have a vested interest. We all know that not everyone discloses things these days, you know when people talk about the amazing new snack they have that has all these health claims are they being paid to promote it? Even the brands that sponser her podcast she is open and honest about them, and any nutritional claims are verified by her. Which brings me onto my next point ...

3. Everything she talks about is evidence based.

I used to love biology at school and one of the things I am fascinated with in my own IBS journey is seeing how different foods affect my own system. She is the first person in social media that I have EVER seen talk about the governments eat well plate in a positive light. She acknowledges that it is based on science, not the latest fad and developed my scientists and numerous stuides.

4. She is plant based, but doesn't try to tell everyone they should eat that way.

This is the biggest breath of fresh air for me! I had been listening for a while before I even realised that Laura was plant based. Even when asked outright if she believes that a vegan diet is the healthiest, she said that there is no one diet fits all approach. So much of the health and wellness community try to push their way onto you and I know from experience with my IBS-D that actually some of the things that are touted as the best thing for you (a lot of fruit, veg, wholegrains) will leave me really ill. I love that she advocates intuitive eating and knowing your own body which I am a HUGE advocate for!

5. She recognises the class divide and the "Worried Well"

One of the things that put me off entering the wellness blogger world for such a long time was that I genuinely believed that to be healthy you needed to have all these superfoods in your diet, and I am not a wealthy person! I think a lot of people are put off healthy eating as they believe that you need to spend a lot of money when its just not true. The worried well are people who have enough money to worry about things like organic and exotic foods!

I could totally go on all day gushing about why I love this podcast but I think I am going to leave it there for now! I am sure there will be a follow up in the future, but I would love to know if there are any other podcasts you think I should listen to, or your opinions on Don't Salt My Game.

Charlotte Lucy

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