Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fighting The Fatigue.

I can't speak for anyone else living with chronic illness but out of all my symptoms the fatigue and brain fog is the absolute worse. Far worse than the pain, I feel like I have that under control to a certain extent but my fatigue has just been getting worse and worse.

I feel some days that I am spending the whole day half asleep and then when I get into be at night my anxiety thinks that is the perfect time to start me worrying about anything and everything. I have been having nightmares and really low quality sleep.

I really dont want to start relying on sleeping tablets or caffiene and sugar as I have done before and so over the next few weeks I am going to be trying to combat the fatigue by:

  • Changing my diet a little. I have been researching what food gives you energy, and what else zaps your energy and so I am going to be tweaking my diet to include more foods to help boost my energy. I am also going to make sure I am not going to sleep hungry as research suggests a drop in blood suagr overnight can affect your quality of sleep.
  • Focus on supplements. I know that a lot of food has been going straight through me and so after a chat with my Doctor, as well as my vitamin D I am going to be taking zinc and a B vitamin complex daily.
  • Using my calm app every day. I really need to start focusing on my mental health. I love the calm app but I tell myself I havent got time for it, which is really crap really. I think my worry is that I am doing it wrong, my mind wanders off and then I think well I have messed this up, so turn it off.
  • Gentle Exercise! I find that with my fatigue there is no point trying to do a lot of cardio or lifting heavy weights, I just have not got the energy. However I have recently started going to Aqua Yoga every thursday and this is really helping to relax me and it feels good to get my body stretching
  • Aspire drinks have also very kindly sent me some of their energy drinks to try. They are marketed as healthy energy drinks, and while I don't like that they try and market them as weight loss drinks, I am interested in the benefits of their green tea and b vitamins - and besides they must be better for my health than the taurine filled drinks I usually take with me to night shifts!
Charlotte Lucy

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  1. I love these Wellness posts! I think you're really giving the right attitude to your wellness and taking some fantastic steps in improving your overall health :)

    Rebecca, libfemblog.com xo


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