Friday, 30 June 2017

June Foodie Favourites

I genuinely love food. It brings me a huge amount of pleasure and when I am having a shitty time (sometimes literally) with my IBS it is all to easy for me to stick to my "safe" foods. While this is a good strategy for a day or two, it sometimes manifests itself into weeks and weeks. With the help of medication and meditation I have managed to still go out and try new foods this month despite having a tough time!

Anyway just what have I been loving?

My husbands French toast

Tom will tell you he doesn't really cook. If you've ever heard the mashed potato story you'll know why, but his speciality is French toast. I don't know what he does to make it so delicious (but I know he uses a lot of my butter!) and it is one of those breakfast I absolutely love. Sunday mornings with a cafetière coffee and Toms French toast are possibly my favourite mornings ever! You know what they say about a Sunday well spent right?

I mean the fact that I won this pizza makes it even more amazing but I tell you I loved it! The Scambio was just what I needed, topped with mozzarella, olives and prosciutto ... Can I have it right now??

Naked noodles 

You might have seen on my Twitter I have been working 50 hour weeks (which I'm sure has contributed to my really poor health!) but these little pots have been a lifesaver! This, the chow mein and the beef pho are my favourite! Oh and they are 75p in tesco at the moment! 

We all know by now that I have a soft spot for Sushi and I thought it was about time I tested some more local offerings rather than just sticking to yo sushi. Well on quality Kokoro absolutely blew them out of the water! I had the salmon and tuna selection which was absolutely delicious and also reasonably priced at just over £7! 

Gelato village 

Whats that you say? This was in Last months foodie favourites too? Well there is no rule that says it can't be AND I am still obsessed with their honey, sage and lemon gelato. I would pretty much eat it every day if I could!

There you have it! One of my goals for July is to make more food at home so I am hoping that next months foodie round up has some more things that I have cooked for myself! What have you been loving this month, and is their anything you think I should try out next month?


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