Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Five Blog Posts I Loved This Week .. One.

I have been really trying to read more posts in the blogosphere each week. I read a huge variety of posts ranging from food, lifestyle, money, fashion ... I read a lot! I thought I would share with you each week what I have loved from around the internet this week ... 

The first thing I loved this week was this from Beth on why she doesn't like an all or nothing approach to veganism. I totally agree with what she has to say! Im a meat eater, and I have taken a lot of shit on forums etc for saying that I am trying to eat less meat and also go cruelty free with my beauty.

I also loved Jen's post about instagram and outfit repeating. We live in a blogging world where people seem to afraid to wear the same outfit twice and this is definetly contributing to a world of fast fashion wastage. I am currently on a fast fashion fast but I am going to be posting everything I wear over on my instaram (shoestringchicblog)

Jemma wrote about how to ditch the diet mentality and feel fabulous, which although it is something I have already done I think if you are struggling its a fab post to read!

The babe Hannah wrote a post all about how to deal with the dreaded chub rub while it is hot! I recently bought some chub rub shorts myself and I promise there will be a review up soon, its just I have been struggling to get my house in order and that has taken priority over a lot! 

One of the things I have been wanting to do is a boudoir shoot and after seeing how gorgeous Hayley looked during hers I think I may now need to book one!

So there you have it, the five I loved this week! I am hoping to run this as a weekly series and I would really encourage anyone to join in! Link me if you compile your own list like this I love seeing what others have been reading!

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