Monday, 18 September 2017

A crushing headache, a UCAS form and then I fell ... literally.

Ok, so this September I had plans to upload a blog post every week day and you may have noticed how much that failed. So before catching up on the posts sitting in my drafts (theres a restaurant review, some spray vitamins, some super night shift snacks and drinks AND some natual pain relief methods ... so I hope you are excited) Anyway, I digress.

A few weeks ago I started feeling under the weather again but when you live with chronic illness its part of the package. However in the last week the headaches got more and more severe until I felt like someone had my head in between their hands just crushing my whole head. I immediately thought it was due to my pill. If i was on it for contraception it wouldnt be such an issue but I was actually on it back to back to try and help with my endometriosis symptoms. So i tried to stick it out but as the headaches got worse I decided to book a doctors appointment and shes advised me to stop taking it.

The only way it seemed to get relief from the headaches was to to eat and then sleep. Which obviously didnt leave much time for blogging, as I was just about managing to get through my night shifts ( I work full time as a health care assistant). Then on Friday I got an email to say that in order to process my uni application further (despite the fact I had an interview 3 weeks ago) I had to fill in an send a UCAS form by midnight THAT day. So I had a little stress but managed to get that done.

THEN on saturday I had a training day at work and during lunch managed to fall over (I am not sure if this is ralated to the headaches and increased fatigue) and split my knee open. As it wouldnt stop bleeding I ended up spending five hours at the minor injuries unit waiting to have it glued because everytime I stood up and moved it started to bleed again.

So now I am not sure if I am sore because of the sitting still for so long but my left shoulder, elbow, wrist and knee are all giving me exruciating pain. I went back to my doctor this morning and she has recommended that I try and stay away from painkillers as much as possible as they could be contributing to the headaches and so what better time to test out a ot of non medicinal pain relief methods. Normally I would have a hot bath but I have to keep my knee (with the glue) dry for 5 days

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon on here, I am going to spend today writing up some of the back log of posts but I can't promise anything!

Charlotte Lucy

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