Thursday, 21 September 2017

The 4 Drinks getting me through my night shifts.

So after doing solely night shifts for around a year now I had realised that I was heavily relying on caffeine and sugar to get me through my shifts. I am not one of these people who is going to demonise caffeine or sugar but after starting to suffer with headaches and also a raise in my anxiety levels I decided it was time to cut back a little bit. I started to drink a lot of ice cold water but started to miss all the flavours and so here are the 4 drinks that have been getting me through my night shifts ...

These fruity drinks come in a variety of flavours and I am hoping to try more in time! So far I have tried the cloudy lemon and the orange mango and both were delicious. Fruity with a good amount of fizz (I am a sucker for a fizzy drink) and no sugar so no worries for your teeth! 

After being completely addicted to cherry coke I was really sceptical of a natural fruit juice alternative. I have never even enjoyed the own brand supermarket cola that my mom used to buy, it always had to be the real deal. With no preservatives, no e-numbers, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners this cola comes in plain, blueberry or cherry and is available in a lot of supermarkets now. I will definitely be drinking more of the cherry one! I did enjoy the other two but like I say, cherry is my weakness.

Another habit of my night shifts is picking up a boots meal deal to see me through and this is how I got on to these drinks from Just Bee. Spring water, fruit infusions and a drop of natural honey make these drinks both sweet and satisfying. They come in three flavours blueberry, lemon and lime and apple and ginger and at the moment I really don't have a favourite as I enjoy them all equally.

Last but not least are the infusions from the feel good drinks co. I know that this is something I could probably make myself but I am a woman pushed for time! Its always worth checking labels on waters as I know both volvic a touch of and vitamin water contain a lot of added sugar. These are all 100% natural and contain no added sugar. I found them very refreshing, especially when served ice cold!

Are there any drinks you think I should try? I'm hoping there will be a part two to this in the near future as I am always on the look out for drinks to keep me hydrated through a long night shift! Keep an eye out next week for the snacks that get me through my night shifts too!

Charlotte Lucy
Some of these drinks were kindly sent to me for consideration, however all of the opinions are my own and I only included drinks I would happily purchase myself. 

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