Monday, 23 October 2017

Nottingham Foodie Highlights

Last weekend I spent a few nights in Nottingham and I have to say I totally fell in love with the city. To the point that I have even asked Tom if we can buy a house there. I had a long list of foodie places that I wanted to try out and this is a round up of some of my favourites I discovered! I am sure there will be a part two to this post at some point. 

Firstly I was ever so kindly invited to the opening of the Roxy Ball Room. I was a little nervous, its been a while since I went out! I met up with a lovely group of bloggers though and we had a fantastic night. The drinks were amazing, I fell in love with this called the ballzee move and I could have eaten the dough balls all night long. They were huge, full of flavour and so popular that I didn't manage to get a picture before the group devoured them all! 

The venue has pool, table tennis and beer pong as well as food and cocktails. I am hoping to visit again with Tom! 

The next morning we wanted to set ourselves up for the day with a brunch. I'm sure you will know that where possible I like to support independent ventures and so we headed over to Annies burger shack. The menu was huge and all of the options could be made vegetarian or vegan. Tom had the Boston Frank and beans which he said was good, but he wasn't keen on the rye bread. He said it could have been done without the bread and would have been amazing. 

I had the rocky mountain stuffed french toast and it was amazing! I would have preferred to compote to be inside the toast as I didn't really eat it, but the bacon was the most delicious I have ever had. It was crispy and salty and really paired nicely with the sweetness of the french toast. Again, somewhere I want to visit again and eat my way through the menu! 

We also made a stop at Doughnotts as I had heard so much about it! Both from other bloggers and everything all over social media. I wasn't sure which flavour to go for (and if we had been heading home sooner I think I would have had a huge box full) and so I decided that I would go for the special one with a whole creme egg in the middle. I do fancy trying the cherry bakewell though which I am pretty sure is vegan ...

Lastly, we made a stop at MOD Pizza. This pizza is actually Toms, I had a LOT more toppings on mine! The good thing is you can have as many of the toppings that you want for £7.47. They also have unlimited drinks, including homemade lemonades. If you are vegan or gluten free they can also accommodate this.

Where are your favourites places to eat in Nottingham? I am hoping to visit the city a lot more from now on!  

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