Friday, 27 October 2017

The 4 snacks that get me through night shifts

You will know by now that with my IBS I have been trying to eat healthier and try and control my symptoms. While this doesnt always mean I eat the healthiest (for full disclosure I am eating leftover dominoes as I write this) I genuinely think that the food I take for my night shifts is getting much better! While I used to rely on all the sugar and caffiene to get me through. More recently though I am starting to treat it just like a day shift. I take a main meal (usually porridge) and then try and have healthier snacks and drinks. These are the ones I have been loving recently.

I have always been a fan of dried fruits, whether eating them on their own or putting them in my overnight oats they are a sweet treat. I was sent a fantastic bundle of these wonderful products. They have no added sugar and the ingredients list is fantastic, mostly nothing but dried fruit I wanted to tell you here about which was my favourite but I honestly loved everything I tried, especilly the cherries and figs. I added all the berries to porridge and made a fantastic tropical overnight oats with the pineapple, banana and coconut milk! They do a huge range of products including nuts and toppers, all of which I need to try out!

I am a sucker for something with a bit of crunch. Hippeas are organic chickpea puffs and are slightly like wotsits. They are vegan, gluten and dairy free and so are pretty much suitable for everyone. I did worry that the high fibre content would irritate me but actually I have been eating them most nights and not having any issues! I have been really enjoying the cheese and love flavour and also the sweet and smokin. I have seen on social media that there is also a salt and vinegar flavour that I need to get my hands on!

It has taken me a long time to find a granola that I really like, until I found Rolla Granola! They were crunchy and amazing. I was kindly sent a few small packages to try and each one was delicious. I did find them a little too hard at first so I let them soack in some alpro coconut milk or greek yoghurt and topped with a drizzle of honey.  

By now I must have tried every nakd bar there is going. They replaced my love for mars bars but I have to admit I hate the crunch variety! My favourites are the cherry bakewell, mocha and the peanut delight. They are gluten free (for the record I eat gluten but I know some of my readers dont and so this is mainly for their benefit) and they are easy to throw in your handbag. There are so many flavours some that I have still to try. 

So there we have it, the snacks that have been getting me through! If you didn't see the drinks I have been loving you can see it here.  Are there any snacks you think I should be trying?

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  1. I love Nakd Bars - I was kind enough ages ago to get a few samples and I loved them!! They are my go-to snack when I'm trying to be healthy

    Shout John


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