Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Intentional Spending Goals ...

I am a sucker for a bargain. One of my biggest talents is convincing myself that I need something. Another talent of mine is that I can find the best bargains in charity shops. Recently though I have been buying more and more and I think that this is because I have been feeling low. My cyst has come back and I have been struggling with my PMDD diagnosis. Today I sat watching a programme about shopaholics and everything just seemed to fall into place. I am not working at the moment and so my income isn't very good. I have tried all out spending bans and they don't seem to work as I just end up binging on a spend and so I have to come up with an alternative plan. 

Petite pear style has some intentions that I am going to be sticking with. Her two intentions are to reduce her expenses and also to declutter and reduce the amount of things that she is bringing into her house. This isn't going to be an all out spending ban, those don't work, I am going to let myself buy things but I am going to just try and stop impulse buying. So here are my intentions: 

1. Clothing must only be bought to replace staple items, or be off my allowed list.

I love charity shopping it goes without saying but over the last few years I managed to amass a collection of things that either didn't fit perfectly (but they were cheap) or just weren't suitable for my lifestyle. As a student nurse on placement at the moment I spend the majority of my time in uniform or pyjamas and so I am just not getting through my clothes as much as I would like to and yet I still find myself drawn to dresses and dresses and more dresses. I have recently sent a lot of bags off to charity shops and so the allowed list for clothing/shoes is:

A warm but waterproof coat (like this)
A gold dress for an event in June (this is my inspo)
Some sparkly flat sandals 
Lindy bop dresses
Cath kidston
Doc Martens (a girl can dream right) 
A colourful faux leather jacket
A colourful denim jacket
A perfectly fitting little black dress
Sweat wicking workout tops
Anything from seasalt
Anything from boden
Anything from joules

It might seem like a long list but most of those things are things that are missing from my wardrobe, or just holy grail products (like the lindy bop dresses) that I find very very rarely and wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity. 

2. Toiletries can only be bought to replace an empty product, and only if its essential.

I recently decluttered my toiletries stash along with my make up collection. I am really loving how my bathroom cabinet looks now, its all very neat and organised. I am a rubbish beauty girl, I barely use anything! I have realised over the past few years I convinced myself that I needed all these products when actually I can get away with very few products. I am going to continue using up my stash and only replacing things when they need it and I am going to work on having a very small curated collection of products that I love. I am a bit of a hoarder and so when a product such as toothpaste is half empty I can buy the next one.

I definitely don't need to buy any nail varnish so that is a no no item, as are lipsticks. 

3. Books and Stationery ... A sore subject.

Right now I have more books than I am getting through and yet I cannot resist buying them. I know full well if i were to completely ban books I would end up binge buying books. So I am going to make a list of allowed books a bit like clothes I can still enjoy the thrill of the shopping but I can only buy the specified books. So the allowed list:

A series of unfortunate events books
Donna Douglas series
Ally Conde Reached
Anna Jones cookbooks
The roasting tin cookbook
The Isabel Sanchez Vegara books
Goodnight stories for rebel girls 

So those are the ones I am allowed to hunt for. As for stationery, again if i completely run out of anything I will buy it but for now I am definitely set for notebooks etc. 

4. Home wear.

No. Thats all i need to say here really. If there is anything I feel i need I will add it to a list but at the moment I cannot think of a single thing we need. 

5. Food and Eating Out.

I have been doing so well on not wasting food and cooking more at home and this is something I want to continue. My biggest downfall seems to be buying snacks and drinks when we go to the cinema or I am just in town. I am going to try where possible to reduce this and I am also going to stick with meal planning and track everything I spend on food and drink.

WILDCARD - each month I am allowed ONE wildcard purchase. Obviously if i use this up on day one its gone, but it can roll over to the next month :)

To keep myself accountable I am going to try and do a weekly spending diary here, I will be tracking from today and will publish that next wednesday! I am also thinking of doing more what i eat posts, empties etc. 

What are your money goals? If you want to follow me on instagram I will be talking about this more in my stories :D 

Charlotte Lucy


  1. You're brave, having such a big clear out. I also love charity shops. I tell myself I am giving to charity, when I'm really just filling my wardrobe even more! But I have had some real bargains. It would be hard to give up.

    1. Thank you! It wont be forever, I just really want to be able to still afford holidays while im studying and get on the property market and so every little helps :D

  2. The only tips I can give around this are to avoid situations where you will end up spending money you didn't want to spend. I know charity shopping is one of those where you do have to keep looking so it sounds like your list combined with a monthly or weekly limit for clothing will work well. For other stuff just avoid avoid avoid. I now take a new route to work so I dont pass the coffee shops!

    1. Yeah! I think by making sure I am cooking yummy stuff at home and planning that helps. At the moment when im at work its 8 to 6 so buy the time I finish most of the shops are shut ... but ive become partial to a sausage roll on the way home :P


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