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35 Weeks to go ... And a 30 before Im 30 list :D

Happy 29th Birthday To Me!

The photo above, my dad took, 14 years ago today. Almost half my life ago I was a moody teenager eating a rice cake for my birthday breakfast because my biggest ambition in life was to be a size 8. I only get there once and that was after my boyfriend, the love of my life at the time, broke my heart and I spent the summer before university crying and eating pineapple pieces and smoked salmon. I wouldn't recommend it.

That honestly seems a lifetime away now, and over the past few years my life has changed pretty dramatically in some ways (I am now living in Leicestershire, married to a wonderful man and missing all but a quarter of an ovary) and yet in some ways I feel that I am stuck. I first started trying to be a nurse in September 2009 and as of right now I am on an interruption and still only 6 months through the course. The only thing I keep focusing on is that I now have 7 years of HCA experience under my belt and have worked alongside some wonderful people who have inspired me to keep pushing forward to become the woman I know I am meant to be. 

With 35 weeks left until I return to uni I want to make sure that I am physically and mentally ready to give the course my all. I want to re discover me, I feel like my anxiety has taken away a lot of the pieces of me and I am really having to work out with some things if it is my anxiety stopping me or if deep down I just don't enjoy doing certain things. With that in mind, I have put together this bucket list of 30 things I want to achieve before I turn 30 

1. Learn another language.

I would really like to learn greek as we seem to holiday in Zante each year, and also British sign language has long been on my list!

2. Learn to budget and make regular savings payments.

This I have set up I think. Using an app called SavePal I have set up savings goals for things that mean the most to me currently: An Emergency Fund, Holiday Funds and House Funds. 

3. Build up an arsenal of meals that I can cook.

I am a terrible cook. Unless its salmon, my salmon is to die for, maybe I will cook it for you some time! But honestly I want to have a kind of staple list of meals that I can cook and that are cheap so I know that once I am back an uni I don't have to think too hard and I can just pick from a selection each week, order the ingredients and know that we will be fed and happy. 

5. Become mostly plant based.

While I will never say that I will go mostly vegan, I don't agree with putting hard and fast restrictions on myself, I am trying to transition to a more plant based diet. I am learning which veg does and doesn't agree with my stomach (IBS is a totally cruel mistress at times) and I am trying to eat in a way which is both environmentally sustainable, healthy and feels right to me.

6. Find an exercise routine that I enjoy.

I really want to build a strong body for my nursing career and that's going to involve exercise. I know already that I HATE spinning (my bum is not made for those seats) but I want to try out a lot of different classes and things to find out what I really enjoy. If you go to a class you enjoy, especially in the Leicester area let me know!

7. Get my first tattoo!

I know what I want, I know the artist that is going to do it ... I just need to actually get myself there.

8. Read a book a week.

The past few months I have been really getting into reading instead of wasting my time scrolling instagram and it has been doing my mental health the world of good and so I am determined to make a book a week a habit that I can stick to.

9. Do the pretty muddy 5k

This is something I have wanted to do every single year but something always stops me. Usually its surgery but I am determined not to have any of that this year, wish me luck!

10. Learn to draw or paint

Basically I want to create things. Since starting on my sertraline and my journey of self discovery (I know how cheesy that sounds, I hate myself a little bit too) I have really wanted to get creative.

11. Sing on Karaoke

I used to LOVE karaoke but these days the thought of it fills me with absolute dread and I don't know why, so that's going on this bucket list :D

12. Go skinny dipping

There is definitely a naturist inside me just waiting to be set free. I absolutely love being naked and I think that swimming naked would be the ultimate freeing experience.

13. Volunteer

I really want to give my time back to causes that mean a lot to me and I am currently waiting for responses from a couple of opportunities so watch this space!

14. Find the perfect pair of night out shoes

With my husbands job I now get invited to fancy events. The last one I went to in June was not long after my surgery and so I got away with a long maxi and some flat sandals but I want to find myself the perfect pair of heels that are comfy and will go with everything

15. Eat a new to me place every month

I really want to support more small restaurants but I tend to end up going to the same ones over and over again. This year I am going to try and plan lunch dates with my friends who I really don't see enough of at places I have never been before

16. Sort out the garden

Im not sure it really classes as a garden but at the back of our house we have a little square of stones that I want to make something of. I wouldn't say I am necessarily green fingered but I would love to be able to get something to grow, maybe strawberries, I used to grow them with my dad

17. Have a hot stone massage

I know this one is a little self indulgent but its my list ok? I really want to treat myself to a hot stone massage this year as its something I have been saying I will do and never get around to.

18. Visit more UK cities

I am a bit of a creature of habit. If we have a weekend spare I will generally go back to the same places that I know I love. Also I have never been to Scotland so hopefully I can squeeze a dirty weekend in Edinburgh in somewhere. 

19. Get my skincare routine nailed

Some days I spend an evening moisturising and pampering the living day lights out of myself. Other days I go to bed without a second thought. I would really like to get into the habit of doing at least a minimal routine each night. 

20. Learn to sew

This one might be a bit ambitious but I am putting it on my list anyway! I would really love to be able to alter my own clothes because I see a lot of things in charity shops that I like BUT there is something id like to change about them and so I want to learn to do this myself :D

21. Go to a food show or food festival 

I always see these on instagram and they look amazing but my anxiety always stops me! So this year I am going to make it my year to go.

22. Go on a zip wire

I think I did this at PGL when I was at primary school but honestly that was a long time ago and it wouldn't have been a very big one! I want to go on a proper one high up somewhere 

23. Spend a weekend glamping with no internet

I REALLY want to spend a weekend with Tom somewhere rural in a clamping tent or cabin, ideally with a hot tub to just relax, read, play board games and fall asleep under the stars 

24. Book shifts on at least 10 different wards

Again, anxiety, I am a creature of habit. I would like to work on 10 different wards this year so I can experience more and also not have a complete internal meltdown if I turn up for a shift and am moved.

25. Join a choir

Again with my singing this is something pre anxiety I used to love. I really want to join a community choir where I can go like once a week and just sing my little heart out. I know once I'm back at uni I might not have time for this but still its going on here.

26. Write an article for another website (or magazine)

I love writing and its something I have let my anxiety tell me I am not good enough at. Before I am 30 I would love to have an article I have written published somewhere other than my blog!

27. Watch a new to me film every week.

As well as our Cineworld Unlimited cards we have a massive backlog of films I have never watched and so each week I want to spend an evening on the sofa watching something new to me. Obviously as this week I am in Zante this won't be happening but ill make up for it by watching 2 next week :D

28. Get into a proper morning routine!

I completely suck at mornings, and I want to get better at it. I want to get up around 7am on my days off to really make the most of them. This will probably be a slow burner I am not going to lie

29. Complete a 365 day photo challenge

Each day of this year I am going to take a photo of something I have been grateful for that day (starting today!) I will post them on instagram with the hashtag #CharlotteLucy365dayshappy :D

30. Create a bucket list for the next ten years

As I enter my thirties I want to be able to have a list of hopes and dreams for the next ten years. I really feel that I have grown a lot in my twenties but my thirties is where I am hoping to buy a house, settle into my career and travel more so lets do this!

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